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The Cover Story

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Cover Story Definition
Cover Story: A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth[1]. A typical cover story design is a rational false conclusion promoted to obscure the origins of an action.
The Cover Story
• Cover stories have been developed to conceal sensitive truths in the public eye
• Cover stories are designed to convince with logical fools gold
• An army of shills parrot establishment cover stories
• All main components of the electronic control grid have cover stories
• New Age cover stories developed for literally all end game technological abilities
• The most proliferated electronic harassment cover story is mental illness
• Spiritual warfare cover stories are being used to obscure technological crimes
• It appears some belief systems were engineered with cover stories in mind
• Assassination cover stories (Hidden behind “natural causes”, cancer, heart attacks, etc)

“An idea behind using cover stories, such as religious or new age, is to encapsulate
the opposition into a state of inability to identify the real perpetrators.” ~Omnisense
Directed Energy Weapon Cover Stories

This technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people, however it is almost always misidentified as other sources...
Cover Stories:
• Mental illness paradigms have been strategically shaped over time to conceal the products of project mkultra
• End game technology packaged under persuasive “spiritual warfare” illusions
• Directed energy interaction packaged as the supernatural
• Government technology under a cosmic being facade
• Religious themed illusions / Using religion mythology as a means for cover stories
• Extraterrestrial contact as a psychological operation cover story
• Ghosts as a cover story - AI orchestrated phantom illusions
• End game technology as a sorcery cover story
• End game technology as the real source behind effective voodoo
• Witchcraft as a directed energy cover story
• Black project science under a black magic cover story
• Directed energy attacks deceptively packaged as physiological ailments
• Synthetic signals in the brain from implants framed as physiological ailments
• “Psychic Attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
• “Spiritual Attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
• New Age cover stories (e.g. Disembodied spirit illusions)
• Old age mythological gods used as a cover story
• Human based electronic harassment with aliens packaged as the perpetrator
• Scientology methods as a cover story for technological remote influence
• Exotic neurobody illusions (e.g. Chakra, entity attachments, ethereal implants)
• Inter dimensional being interaction as an electronic targeting cover story
• Exploitation of illusory explanations to conceal directed energy crimes

“People who have already assimilated the cover stories
are often not ready to hear the truth.” ~Omnisense
Remote Influencing Technology Impersonations
Common Ai Based Impersonations:
• Neighbors (Targeted Individual v2k)
• Black Ops Agents (Targeted Individual v2k)
• Family (Targeted Individual v2k)
• Deceased Loved Ones / Deceased Relatives / Deceased Pets (Psy Ops v2k)
• Demons (Mind Control Cover Story)
• Jinn (Spiritual Warfare Cover Story)
• Inter Dimensional Beings (New Age Psy Ops)
• Extraterrestrials (Cosmic being impersonation programs / UFOlogy bastardization)
• Entity Attachments (New Age Psy Ops)
• Shadow Beings (e.g. To cause fear from an obscure source)
• Archangels (To impersonate a higher authority)
• Lucifer (To persuade into evil)
• Satan (Satanist v2k)
• RA (New Age Psy Ops)
• Spirits (Spiritual warfare illusions)
• Ghosts - Phantoms (Directed energy trickery)
• Faeries (Rehashed old age cover stories)
• Higher Self (Mind control cover story)
• Panpsychism based impersonations (e.g. Gaia aka Mother Earth speaking to people)
• Saints & Mother Mary (Religious impersonations)
• Holy Spirit (Psychological direction method / Sleeper assassin method)
• Ascended Masters (Impersonation of a higher power)
• Jesus (Any vector of vulnerability is exploited)
• Person’s of Note (e.g. To get a target to murder them, To psychologically direct)
• Any mythological god of the past (These can be pretty cool)
• God / Allah / Yahweh / Jehovah (Impersonation of the highest power)
• Done via electronic telepathy contact (Voice to Skull - v2k)

"Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types." ~Omnisense

"Through the effective use of cover stories sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades.[2]" ~Omnisense
[1]: This page is a copy of and/or adapted from pages in the currently unreleased book manuscript: The Electronic Control Grid, by Omnisense
[2]: War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations Film, by Omnisense

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