Friday, May 26, 2017

Introduction to Electromagnetic Weaponry

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The following is taken verbatim from my current book project manuscript titled The Electronic Control Grid, by Omnisense. What you read here may be tweaked in the final version...

From chapter 1 of my upcoming book:

Electromagnetic Weaponry
(Directed Energy Weapons)

Invisible, silent, requires no medium, unlimited firepower, low cost once the hardware & methods are established, and travels at the speed of light. Slow kill, fast kill, mind reading, open source mind control, ability to reproduce any torture in existence, cloning or creation of all the universe’s library of senses, any mental variable able to be applied anywhere on the body, any sound or voice internally inducible into the mind, remote tracking of individuals via bio signatures, remote electronics hacking and surveillance, environmental scanning, holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality, surgery capable, sleep or blackout inducible, able to control the body, augmentation or inhibiting of strength and endurance, body design capability, and microwave frequency towers are being installed worldwide covertly armed to carry out these tasks and more. Electromagnetic weaponry is the shadow government’s ultimate weapon.

“What is the next great weapon [after nukes], it is directed energy.[1]
~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan
RF Weaponry:
"In 1985 CNN did a special report on radio frequency weapons. They hired an engineer who built an “RF Mind Interference” machine based on Soviet schematics. The machine successfully transmitted images into a CNN reporter’s mind. The stunned engineer said that, given three weeks time, he could scale up the machine to use on a whole town, causing them to do things against their better judgement, see and hear things that weren’t there, etc. The pentagon said it was too sensitive a subject to comment on. Remember, these effects were achieved by civilians over 30 years ago! One can speculate that they’ve made great advances in the past decades.[2]" ~Targeted Individual Jim Hastings

The electromagnetic spectrum is a bit confusing. Something that is easily confusable; Microwaves are always RF, while RF is not always microwaves. In other words microwaves are a form of RF Energy, but the spectrum of RF Energy is wider than just microwaves.
[1]: Robert Duncan interview -

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